About Us

Prosperity Agencies is a Zambian company dedicated to barcode/ RFID and GPS technology with focus on creation, verification and management of fixed asset registers including asset labeling, property tagging, remote asset tracking, asset verification and product label printing solutions.

We focus on retail, healthcare, industrial, transport & logistics, NGO and government sectors. Our solutions enable businesses  to identify, track and manage property, products and office assets properly.

We provide an extensive range of easy-to-integrate barcode and RFID tags, hand labeling and reading systems,software and connectivity solutions so you can rely on us to deliver the right solution for your inventory management needs.

Our Strength!

Prosperity Agencies partners with other world class companies in the asset management industry, from third-party equipment manufacturers, to integrators in order to add value to our customers' businesses, while leveraging all of our partners' strengths.

"Tracking,Tracing and Controlling fixed assets is a labor intensive night mare.

We take the hassle out of fixed asset management by doing it all for you"