Smartmun Cemetery Software

In our quest to provide data capturing solutions, we work diligently to find the right solutions for challenges being faced in the southern region. One of the challenges being faced in the regiion is the effective management of municipal cemeteries. Smartmun Cemetery Manager is software that has been developed explicitly to tackle this problem for local government organisations.

This solution has many benefits in making efficient data capturing. Among them being:

  • Safe record keeping of historical burial records
  • Standardised, streamlined workflow for electronic burial applications, cremations, exhumations, etc
  • Improved service delivery when it comes to assisting members of the public in locating particular graves
  • Improved decision making at executive level based on always up-to-date, comprehensive, and credible reports and statistics
  • Effective monitoring of remaining capacity and lifespan of municipal cemeteries
  • Improved financial control
  • Improved ability to detect and avoid fraud and corruption